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Perfect for small businesses like indoor playgrounds, museums, and more, working in a small team. Simply invite your team without having to provide additional hardware.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have an extra tricky question? Please contact us at

During normal working hours (Mo-Fr from 09 am-06 pm), our support team will be available to help you. We do not charge you any additional fees for this.

There is no additional costs for setting up a tickebro. If you need help with setting up your ticketbro software, please don't hesitate to contact our support team using our email We do not charge you any additional fees for this.

By ticketbro there is no such a thing as "minimum contract". You can always decide not to use our services in case you don't need them anymore.

Fairness and transparency are extremely important for ticketbro. This is also reflected in the pricing system. There is a ticketbro fee of 8%, which includes all costs (booking, payment, etc.). There are no other hidden costs! This fee can be passed on 100% to the client or distributed proportionally.