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Dia de Portas Abertas

Rio de Janeiro, BR

The German Embassy in Rio opened its doors for Open House Day, offering a fun mix of cultural and educational activities. This year’s event celebrated 200 years of German immigration, paying tribute to the rich history that has shaped the community. Visitors also got to celebrate the strong partnership between Brazil and Germany, enjoyed delicious German dishes, and there were chances to pick up a bit of German language too. It was a family-friendly day with lots of fun activities for kids.

Golden Flame

Köln, DE

Golden Flame will host an epic day of music, dance, and fun at the Rheinterrassen in Cologne, marking the city's largest daydrinking party. From 2 PM to 10 PM, attendees grooved to a mix of Afrobeats and Summer House as the sun set over the Rhine. The event, is also being promoted through Golden Flame's app FAYA, drawing crowds eager for a lively and unforgettable summer experience. The stunning venue and vibrant atmosphere will surely make it a day to remember, with everyone already looking forward to the next Golden Flame event.


Recife, BR

LIFE's Too Short, an indie record label and music production company, will throw an exciting launch party for Dimitria's new EP, Anseio. Dimitria, well-known in Recife for leading the bands Surt and Azuria, unveiled a more intimate and personal side of her music with this release. The party celebrates not just Dimitria’s new music but also the strong partnership between her and LIFE's Too Short, making for a memorable night filled with great music and good vibes.

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