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In 2022, Holland Park north of Berlin, opened its doors for the very first time. A mix of leisure and indoor fun, with escape rooms and many more attractions for all ages. The team at ticketbro automated more than 90% of tickets for Holland Park. On this page, you can discover more.

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The biggest challenge for Holland Park was automating a uniform system across the entire park. Starting with the online booking process, through to admission control and connecting these to the existing cash register system. Here you can find out how it works with ticketbro and the user-experience.

Before the visit.

Before guests arrive to Holland Park, they can book their tickets online from the comfort of their own home. In addition to regular admission tickets, birthday or group bookings can as well be made, and any other additional booking can be booked in advance. These additional bookings include, for example, the unique slide tower in Holland Park.

On arrival.

Finally the time has come. The visit to Holland Park is imminent and the tickets have already been bought online in advance. Now all you have to do is find a parking space and nothing stands in the way of fun. Don't worry... long queues are a thing of the past as every online customer can skip the line.

Entrance to the park.

It's one of those hot summer days again and the park is crowded. The fear of the queue is there, but unnecessary. Because thanks to the tickets booked in advance, the guest can easily go to the ticketbro self-checkout terminal and exchange his ticket for a wristband. If the guest has not yet booked a ticket, the desired ticket can of course also be booked and paid for at the machine. We're all used to that from companies like McDonalds these days.

In the park.

Within a few minutes, all participants in the booking already have the necessary bracelet on their arms and things can finally really get going. Each guest can enter the booked areas directly by simply scanning the wristband at the turnstiles. No additional staff is required, and customers can check in themselves in the respective area of ​​the park. And best of all: ticketbro manages the capacity for the parking areas.

Redeeming additional products.

The first attractions have been visited and the fun level is on point. But that's not all. For example, the guests booked additional products such as the slide tower in advance. Lets go! Arrived at the slide tower, the bracelet gives you direct access and nothing stands in the way of fun. Here, too, no additional staff is required, since a turnstile controls admission.

ticketbro is just such an awesome company that just presents and creates the most awesome solutions for an entrance area. I would definitely recommend ticketbro to others.

Lando de Wild

Operational manager Holland-Park

1 / 5

If you ask me if I would recommend ticketbro on a scale from 1 to 10, I would say 10! For the simple reason that I am convinced of the technical solution, the support, but also the further development and innovation of ticketbro from the first day I work with ticketbro until the support in the project.

Thomas Wolschendorf

CFO Holland Park

2 / 5

We use ticketbro to control our facility by checking what number of visitors come at what times. This helps us to optimise capacity, as on some days we reach our capacity utilisation.

Rik Roelofs

Assistant to the Management

3 / 5

My team uses the app to check when the birthdays take place and in which room. Also, when the next change takes place, as we have many changes where we only have 10 minutes to rearrange everything.

Jens Thieleke

Head of Recreation and Customer Service

4 / 5

I guess I have invested close to 20.000h in the Holland Park project, but always having fun.

Theo Roelofs

Owner & CEO Holland Park

5 / 5

The customer experience without an online ticket.

Even if the majority of bookings are made online in advance, a solution for on-site bookings is required. ticketbro has also developed the right system for this.

Arriving without a ticket.

For all guests without a pre-booked ticket, there are two ways to experience the park. Customers either buy their ticket at the ticketbro self-checkout terminal or one of the permanently installed cash registers onsite. The cash register systems have an integration with ticketbro, which is simple and provides great a customer experience.

At the checkout.

Let's assume that the customer decides to buy a ticket at one of the ticket offices. In this case, the customer conveniently pays for their visit on site using cash or an EC card and receives a wristband for the entire duration of the visit. With this bracelet, the guest can visit the booked areas of the park. You can of course book additional attractions later at any time.

After the visit.

Unfortunately, every day, no matter how nice, comes to an end at some point. When leaving the park, guests do not have to return the bracelet. They can take it home as a kind of souvenir. This offers the advantage of free marketing and a high recognition value, as guests are reminded of their great day at Holland Park

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