Democratize online bookings for everyone.

ticketbro is a dynamic, mobile-first, booking and ticketing platform catered to leisure parks and the service industry. As a cutting-edge solution, we empower businesses to seamlessly manage their venues and generate revenue, all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Our Mission

Revolutionizing Mobile Bookings

We’re on a mission to build an intuitive mobile booking platform that connects individuals, small businesses, and enterprises with their customers. We enable the world to get started online within just 5 minutes, simplifying the booking process and accelerating business growth. Join us as we revolutionize mobile bookings, empowering businesses and customers to connect seamlessly and efficiently.

Our Vision

Empowering Global Bookable Offerings Online

At ticketbro, our vision is to empower the world to provide and facilitate bookable offerings online. We break down geographical barriers, enabling individuals and businesses to share their passions with a global audience. By creating an inclusive platform, we unlock boundless opportunities, connecting providers and customers worldwide. Join us in our vision to empower a thriving ecosystem of bookable offerings online, where accessibility and connectivity know no limits.


Embodied in our work, these are the principles that define us, inspire our actions, and fuel our success.

We're driven by innovation and constantly strive to push boundaries in all our endeavors, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technology and user experience.

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in open communication and providing transparent information to all, fostering trust and building strong relationships.

ticketbro is easily accessible to merchants, customers, team members, and partners. We aim to be approachable, providing a friendly and supportive environment for all.

We're committed to sustainability in every activity, prioritizing the health of the environment and taking responsible actions to create a greener future.

We empower merchants, customers, and employees alike, equipping them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed and thrive in the digital world.

We value the exchange of ideas, cultures, and creativity. ticketbro fosters inclusivity, embracing diversity and nurturing a multi-cultural community.

Our journey

Join us on our incredible journey as we transform the online booking landscape, one milestone at a time.


Foundation of ticketbro

The 3 Co-Founders established the company on the 25th of June 2020 in Emsdetten, laying the foundation for our ambitious venture.


Start of Beta Phase

We successfully launched the first app version of our booking system, marking a crucial step towards providing a seamless user experience for our users.


First Investor

Attracted the support of our first investor, demonstrating confidence in ticketbro's potential and growth trajectory, fueling our mission to revolutionize online bookings.


First office in Munich

We moved into our first office in the heart of Munich, operating out of the vibrant Glockenbachviertel, a significant milestone for our expanding team.


First 10 Beta Testers

We had the privilege of welcoming our first 10 beta testers who experienced the convenience and efficiency of our booking system firsthand.


€1,000,000 transaction volume

Celebrating a significant milestone, we achieved an overall transaction volume of €1,000,000, a testament to the trust our customers placed in us.


New office in Munich

Driven by rapid growth, we urgently needed a bigger space in Munich, leading us to our new office at Augsbruger Str. 21 in 80337 Munich, providing an enhanced environment for our talented team.


Large-scale project Holland-Park

Embarking on our first major large-scale project in the leisure and recreation industry, Holland-Park in Berlin, solidifying our presence in the market.


Expansion Brazil

Seizing market opportunities in Brazil, we established a strategic Joint Venture with a local payment service provider, expanding ticketbro's global presence.


Launch wallet app

We successfully launched the ticketbro wallet app in all app stores in Germany, revolutionizing the way people store and manage their tickets on their smartphones.


€10,000,000 transaction volume

Celebrating another milestone, our transaction volume reached an impressive €10,000,000 across all ticketbro shops, a testament to our growing customer base.


10,000 wallet app user

We achieved a significant milestone of 10,000 people using the ticketbro wallet app to effortlessly store and manage their tickets directly on their smartphones.


Public launch of the ticketbro app

We're thrilled to announce the public launch of the new ticketbro app, available on all app stores and the web, providing seamless booking experiences for users, worldwide.


The founders

Meet the brilliant minds behind ticketbro - Alex and Dirk. With their visionary approach and unwavering determination, they have revolutionized the online booking industry, creating a product that disrupts the norm and gains remarkable traction in a highly competitive market. Together, they embody the spirit of innovation and continue to shape the future of ticketing experiences.

Meet the team

Meet the passionate individuals who make up our ticketbro team. With a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, our diverse and talented team is at the heart of our success. Get to know the faces behind ticketbro and join us on our journey to redefine online bookings for everyone.

Our moments

We started this company with an ambition to make work more joyful for ourselves and our community, and that principle guides everything we build and how we work together to this day.

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Our investors & accelerators.

We are honored to receive support from exceptional investors who share our unwavering vision and mission for the future of ticketbro.

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