Teamwork, simplified.

Collaborate more effectively by assigning and managing team roles and their respective permissions or functionalities, such as admin or view-only.

How it works.

Invite the whole team and keep things organized with default team roles: Admin, Employee and Owner.

Invite your team with one click.

New team members are added by entering their email addresses and defining their shop access. They will receive an email with an invitation link that allows them to join your shop in just one click. You can then also transfer responsibilities over to your teammates.

Select a role that fits.

Distribute permission and responsibilities by assigning one of the three default team roles:

Owner: The most powerful role in the shop has full access to absolutely everything, including the financials.
Admin: This role enjoys full access, but is restricted from viewing financial information.
Employee: A restricted role that is often tied to a specific facility.

Create custom roles & accesses.

Coming soon

Keep your eyes peeled for this new feature!

Boost your teamwork by creating roles with unique access and permissions. You will soon be able to add roles with specific needs, such as security guards with scanning access only, accountants with financial access only, and so on.

Let's talk numbers.

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users of the app


employees per venue

20 sec

time it takes to add a new member

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Thanks to ticketbro I always have my indoor playground business at my finger tips. My team and I really appreciate the smart and innovative system that allows us to collaborate even better.

Nadine Schelle


1 / 2

The ticketbro app is essential to working together on a tight schedule. My team only has 10 minutes between birthday parties to rearrange the rooms, and thanks to the app it runs like clockwork.

Jens Thieleke

Holland Park

2 / 2

Got 5 minutes? That’s all it takes to get started.

Simply download the app, set up your shop, and start saving time in the long run. And did we mention it is totally free?

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