ticketbro is making its product available for everyone

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Inés Guerrero

Junior Marketing Manager

ticketbro, the booking system from Munich for businesses and solopreneurs, is accepting new customers after a successful test phase.

The company first tested its mobile app with over 60 indoor playgrounds, amusement parks and solopreneurs. Since then 210.000 visitors booked just short of 1.000.000 tickets at these locations.

"During the pandemic we realized a lot of companies still didn't use a booking system, because there just weren't any that were made specifically for them," explains co-founder Alex Pohlein. "We have been testing our mobile application with customers since October 2020 and now we are certain that we have built the booking system for those, who weren't convinced by the existing solutions."

What makes ticketbro stand out from the many other available booking systems is its focus on simplicity, which allows anyone to set up a booking platform in under 5 minutes. "Anyone who can use a smartphone, should be able to set up and manage a booking platform," says Pohlein.

Another big difference is that the app is free for providers, as ticketbro calls its customers. "We take a commission on each transaction, and we allow merchants to choose who pays it: either the visitor pays, or the merchant."

So far, the company is mostly used by venues, such as indoor playgrounds, but is planning to expand to solopreneurs like fitness trainers, course instructors, nail artists, and many more. This is the reason the team is working on an app, which should be available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store later this year.

"We think that ticketbro is the perfect app for solopreneurs who attract bookings through social media. If your social media accounts are the heart of your online presence, you don't need a website, but you do need a booking platform for your customers. ticketbro gives them this option."

The startup was founded in June 2020 and has since received a solid seed round investment in three installments from an angel investor. The company aims to become cash-flow positive in 2024 through its acquisition of new customers in Germany and abroad.