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ticketbro: the best Xing Event Manager alternative

As we all have heard, XING Event Manager will end its services in early 2023. The question everyone is asking: what is going to happen to those who have already created their events?

Well, since XING Event Manager will be discontinued from March 31, 2023, organizers can use all functions to their full extent. It is vitally important to understand that events scheduled after this date will no longer take place and the ability to create an event after this date will not be possible. Even though you will be able to download previous registration data, cutting off Xing Event Manager is hard hitting for everyone involved in the events industry, as many organizers need to plan their events in advance.

ticketbro as an alternative to the XING Event Manager.

What makes ticketbro special? With the ticketbro app, you will have all the functions that were in XING Event Manager, as well as extra special features to boost your event management process. One of the notable improvements with using ticketbro is the discount code function. We understand that with XING Event Manager, discount codes were difficult to create, implement and, cost organizers. ticketbro makes this accessible and understandable for everyone at no extra cost.

What makes ticketbro special?

Firstly, ticketbro is offering the best prices on the market. To sign up, no credit card is needed and you are not contractually bound to any monthly fees. You simply pay as you go. Secondly, a specially organized dashboard. Here, you can check all real-time data & analytics to use them to make your events more successful and data driven. Additionally, you will receive your own booking domain that is entirely customizable to your event style and identity. All booking payments made will directly go into your wallet. Not only is the ticketbro booking system easy to use for organizers, it is also easy for all your customers to book, pay and enter the venue, all inside one app. Check all the features and more at http://ticketbro.io/

How to create event on ticketbro?

You can read all information about your first event at: https://help.ticketbro.io/get-started. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@ticketbro.io.

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