The hidden champions of wild and animal parks in Germany - a must visit.

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Germany is a country known for its beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture and rich history. It is also home to some of the world's most incredible nature parks and zoos. Germany is a great destination for those looking to explore the natural world. These parks offer a unique experience, as they are often hidden away in remote locations, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Here is a list of the hidden champions of Germany's wildlife and animal parks:

WildPark Schloss Tambach

WildPark Schloss Tambach is only an hour and a quarter from Nuremberg. Within this wildpark is Ambach Castle, built in the late 17th and 18th centuries as a summer residence for the abbots of Langheim Monastery. It is a 50-hectare castle park that was laid out as an English landscape park. Today, the WildPark Schloss Tambach is integrated into the former castle park. All animal species, be they birds of prey, deer, wild boar, native predators such as lynxes and wolves, and all other animals. You can also become the godfather of one of the animals in the park. By becoming a sponsor of an animal, you can help ensure the conservation of the park and the animals that live there.


The zoo is a popular landmark of the town of Bad Liebenstein. Spend a pleasant and fun-filled stay at the zoo. One of the biggest advantages of this park is that it is also easy to buy a ticket online through the online booking system offered by ticketbro. This way you will be sure not to miss out on a ticket. There is a nature trail next to the zoo to learn, experience, and learn how to contribute to protecting animals and the environment.

Wildpark Poing

The Poing Wildlife Park was founded in 1959. With an area of 570,000 m2, it offers the opportunity to observe native wildlife species at close quarters throughout the year. The park was awarded the plaque "German professionally tested game reserve" and the Bavarian environmental medal. The special thing about Wildpark Poing is the natural design of the individual enclosures and aviaries, which are based on the animals' natural habitat and therefore optimally meet the animals' needs. As a result, the native red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar live almost as if they were in the wild, and on a 4 km long hiking trail through forests and meadows you can observe a wide variety of animals in their natural environment.

Tiergarten Kleve

Tiergarten Kleve is the most visited recreational facility in Cleves and one of the top destinations on the lower Rhine area. The Wildpark can be reached under an hour from Duisburg, Oberhausen or Krefeld. In Tiergarten Kleve, you can see more than 300 animals of 60 different species and breeds, including the new lizz monkeys and ostriches. Get up close to endangered sheep and goats and be amazed by seals and red pandas!

Wildfreigehege Nöttler Berg

Wildfreigehege Nöttler Berg is located one hour from Dortmund and half an hour from Münster. In a large forest area of about 25 hectares with many walking trails, about 40 species of the big and small game live in a natural environment. In addition to native species such as red deer, wild boar, domestic chickens, goats, sheep, and European mink, you will discover all kinds of strange animals such as bison, nandus, alpacas, and Vietnamese dwarf pot-bellied pigs. Many animals move around the extensive grounds in close contact with visitors - a very special experience, not only for children!

Tierpark Eilenburg

Small but nice is the motto of the Eilenburg Tierpark. The four-hectare green oasis in the middle of the city park is home to 300 animals of 50 species. In addition to the monkey enclosure, where the capuchins can run around, there are pigs, horses, and donkeys to watch in the pet house and on the paddock. A nature trail leads through wetland and forest areas where crane, lynx, and fallow deer live. Furthermore, the park is only a little more than half an hour's drive from Leipzig

Tierpark Herford

With more than 650 animals of 70 different species, the Herford animal park offers a wide range of all animals. From the two lynxes in the European forest animal theme area to the agile ring-tailed lemurs, every visitor can find a favorite animal. Their motto says it all: "In our zoo there are numerous opportunities to get very close to the zoo's residents". Whether it's through their feeding stations, partially accessible enclosures, or the spacious petting meadow. It is located one hour from Hannover and half an hour from Bielefeld and the opening of the 2023 season will be on Saturday 25 February 2023.

BergTierPark Blindham

Amidst the magnificent nature of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, only 30 km from Munich and Rosenheim, BergTierPark Blindham offers a unique panoramic view of the Alps, from the Wendelstein to the Brecherspitz. Native wild animals and rare domestic animals live here. We offer a wide variety of attractions for young and old at any time of the year. It is open every day and all year round!

NaturZoo Rheine

At the NaturZoo you can get up close and personal with the animals - and not just in the petting zoo, which is so popular with children. In Germany's first monkey forest, you can meet (almost) wild Barbary macaques. In the seabird, aviary penguins cross your path and in the walk-through aviary of the wetland biotope, herons and ibises fly overhead and more than 100 white storks even live completely free. Whether you are coming from the Netherlands, Bad Bentheim or Osnabrück or from Münster or Greven, it is easy to reach us by car or city bus.

Wildpark Oberreith

The pretty little village of Oberreith is situated near Wasserburg am Inn in a beautiful landscape of woods and meadows. There, the wild leisure park with many native animals, numerous play facilities and a large indoor playground, café and souvenir shop, forest rope course, Mega Fox, park train, bungee trampoline system and many other attractions. A place to discover, play, experience, learn and relax. The wildlife leisure park and the Oberreith forest rope course are ideal for family outings, kindergarten or school trips or simply to enjoy a few hours of relaxation in nature.


The Granat nature park is located at the transition from the Ruhr area to the Münsterland, in the midst of a beautiful forest landscape that invites you to take relaxing walks. Hikers and nature lovers are offered here, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and the daily routine, to observe and get to know wild animals in the spacious and natural wildlife park. The Granat wildlife park differs from other facilities of this kind, here all animals, except wild boars, lynxes, and wolves, roam freely in a hilly and heavily wooded area of more than 600,000 square metres. The animal population is constantly around 400-500 animals. On hiking trails of up to 2 hours, you will find paradisiacal conditions as well as familiar and confident hunting.

If you are looking for a unique experience or the opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat, these nature and animal parks in Germany are definitely worth a visit as they offer a unique experience that is sure to be memorable. So if you're looking for a great way to explore the natural world, be sure to visit the hidden champions of Germany's nature and animal parks.