How to create and use an online booking system

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You'll learn the following in this article: What is an online booking system. The difference between ticketbro booking system & other booking systems; and a guide on how to get your online booking page.

What is an online booking system

A booking system is a software which you can offer your customers to book an appointment or service in advance. This means that your customers are going to be able to book, cancel and change their appointments. As a result, you will significantly increase your revenue and attendance.

Nowadays, a booking system serves not only to fulfill your customer's needs, but it can as well be used as a center where you can manage almost everything - from marketing to distribution to operations.

Difference between ticketbro as an online booking system and other booking systems.

With ticketbro you will have everything in one hand. No contract, no obligations, no credit card needed.

The biggest difference between ticketbro and any other online booking system is that you can use ticketbro booking system on your phone.

This means you can easily create and maintain your booking system by just having a phone. Imagine yourself being on holiday and not getting worried about how your business is doing. This is exactly what ticketbro is about. Having everything in one place, and just one glance is enough to see how your business is doing.

A guide on how to get your online booking page

1. Download the app
Simply download the app from the store. It’s available on Android and Apple.

2. Create your booking page
In just 5 minutes, without any additional cost, credit cards or contracts

3. Create your first ticket or offer.
Simply follow the creation flow to bring your offer online within a few minutes.

4. Done!
And you are ready to go! Your costumers will be able to book your service anytime within minutes.

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